Hark, The Evening Language Of The Poor (Tehelka)

Indra Sinha in Tehelka:

It was always about powerful people and hidden motives. Since the verdict, and the public howl of rage, some of these characters have been emerging, like the slug, into the light. Justice Ahmadi, who in 1996 diluted charges against the Indian accused, asks why, if he was wrong, did the CBI not challenge him for 14 years? All those years Bhopal campaigners asked the same thing and got no answer. Now BR Lall, former Director of the CBI, reveals that he was ordered in writing by the Ministry of External Affairs not to try too hard to extradite Anderson. When asked why he did not speak out before, he said, ‘About the hawala case I wrote a book, I made all the evidence public. So what is so great that about every case that I should go to public?’

What is so great? Twenty thousand dead? Half a million affected? One lakh still seriously ill?

In July 2004, a US intelligence agent in Mumbai reported to Washington that Indian ministers, for political reasons, would pretend to be pro-extradition. Other documents show that the US Departments of Justice and State colluded with Carbide’s public relations people and Indian authorities on a strategy for saving Anderson. “Hope it works,” one judicial officer remarked.

Read the whole thing.

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